Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart
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broken and cracked

she scratched herself, letting her skin ripped and torn, leaving scars. deep scars.
she hurt herself, letting her heart broken and cracked, leaving scars. deep scars.

then, with time, she healed herself, alone.

but day by day, the scars get heavier. they don't get any deeper but they gradually become a burden like a stone she has to carry in her carriage of heart, alone.

so she thought of seeking comfort. seeking caressing words of "it's okay, it's fine, you're fine"
and then she opens up her scars, to whom she thought can be a place of serenity and trust.

but what she gets in return is no comfort. no serenity. the patched part of her skin is now left open and bleeds, and she finds it hard to heal her scars back knowing that she has opened it up to the wrong person.

and all she's left with now is regrets. she regrets it, very deeply.

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